At COI Pro, we believe in full transparency. Learn more about our organization and what to expect when partnering with our team.

When was COI Pro established?

COI Pro was established in 2019 in Houston, Texas. The founders of our organization have experience building compliance and risk management software solutions for multiple enterprise software companies over the last 15 years, specializing in COI tracking.

How is COI Pro different from other compliance software providers?

COI Pro provides simple software for organizations that are searching for an easy, intuitive solution to manage their insurance certificates. That’s it! We started COI Pro because the only options available were expensive enterprise risk management platforms or standalone COI tools that included tons of unnecessary features which drive up the cost of the software.

How will you migrate our COIs to your platform?

We employ a team of Texas-based insurance specialists led by a senior insurance professional with 20 years’ experience to migrate your COIs. While many companies will outsource the COI migration process to another company or use an offshore firm, COI Pro leverages their in-house team to efficiently and accurately migrate each COI to our platform.

Do you use OCR technology when migrating COIs to your platform?

Yes. While there is no perfect OCR (optical character recognition) technology, our software migrates 98% of the data from an insurance certificate during the migration process.

How do you manage against a contractor or vendor that may cancel their insurance while they work for us?

While there is no perfect solution for this scenario, COI Pro audits 5% of our clients’ contractors, vendors, and suppliers insurance certificates annually. Not every client uses this service, but it is a complimentary offering for each COI Pro client.

If one of our third-parties has a COI that is expired or doesn’t meet our insurance requirements, how do we ensure they provide a new COI?

After we migrate your COIs to our platform, your personal dashboard will display the status of each of your contractors and vendors. You can either contact them directly and add the new COI to your platform OR you can leverage our technology to send their insurance provider an email that enables them to submit a new COI on behalf of their client.

Does COI Pro regularly develop new features and enhancements?

Absolutely. We regularly co-innovate with our clients to develop new tools and functionality that benefit our clients and their contractors, suppliers, and vendors. Listening to our clients drives our product roadmap.

Can we really host and manage up to 100 COIs for FREE?

Yes! You can manage up to 100 COIs for free and our team will even help you migrate your COIs to our platform. We don’t know of another tool on the market that will host your COIs for free, help you migrate your insurance certificates, and provide ongoing support.

Do you have product demonstrations available to view?

You bet! To get familiar with our solution, you can view our recorded product demos on our YouTube page or you can schedule a customized demo with one of our insurance specialists.

Does COI Pro have an app that can be used on an iOS device?

Yep! COI Pro can be accessed through the Apple App store or Google Play store. Even compliance professionals using the free version of COI Pro can take advantage of the COI Pro mobile application.