COI Pro is a leading provider of COI tracking software that streamlines the process of collecting, verifying, and managing certificates of insurance. Companies of all sizes rely on COI Pro to effectively mitigate risk across their supply chain, while reducing the administrative burden of manual document management. COI Pro works with companies from startups to F500 corporations that utilize suppliers, contractors or vendors to run their business.

COI Pro is a web-based application, but is also available to download in the Apple App store and Google Play store. Download COI Pro on your smartphone or tablet and manage all your insurance certificates directly from your mobile device.

Solution Features

Streamline your insurance certificate tracking with efficient software solutions.
Migration of Existing COIs
COI Pro will migrate all your documents within 72 hours after an agreement is completed.
New Certificate Uploads
For new certs, we offer user-friendly upload capabilities, including easy-to-use templates.
Business Unit Requirements
Unique COI requirements can be set up and managed at the division or business unit level.
Certificate Data and Reporting
Generate reports, including vendors in compliance, expired policies, missing data, and much more.
ERP and Accounting System Integration
Access our API to securely integrate data on our platform with your ERP or accounting system.
SaaS Platform and Internet Accessible
COI Pro is a cloud-based application that allows your users to access COIs from any device.