COI Pro partners with leading insurance agents and brokers to offer their customers a cost-efficient, scalable, COI tracking solution. Our partner program is for insurance agents and brokers who are looking to offer solutions to their clients for managing and tracking certificates of insurance.

In addition, COI Pro has a referral program for insurance organizations whereby they can recommend our solution to their clients which helps mitigate risk for all parties involved.

How it Works

  1. Recommend a customer that manages insurance certificates for their contractors, suppliers, and vendors to COI Pro and receive a percentage of the first-year deal value.
  2. Every time a new account is created from a customer you referred, your insurance agency or brokerage will receive a referral bonus after the first month’s payment is received.

Benefits for Agents and Brokers

  • Generate additional revenue by providing qualified referrals to COI Pro and earn a percentage of the first-year deal value.
  • Provide customers with a centralized compliance platform that can be tailored to their unique requirements.
  • Build long-term relationships with your customers that are seeking solutions to effectively manage contractor compliance.

To learn more about how your insurance agency can partner with COI Pro, contact us at 817.382.1901 or